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Welcome to the website of
Donald Michael Kraig!

Internationally known trainer, magician, teacher, speaker, hypnotist and
author of the books:
Modern Magick, The Magical Life of Scott Cunningham,
Modern Sex Magick, The Resurrection Murders, Tarot & Magic
completely revised and greatly expanded
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The Magical Life of Scott Cunningham
My first exclusive eBook
The secrets and motivations of Scott’s life
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So What Else Will You Find Here?

First, you’ll find out where I’m appearing. This will be updated every time an appearance has been verified. I’ll be sharing where I’ll be, when I’ll be there, and the workshops I’ll be leading. I’ll also list when I’ll be giving an interview on the internet. If you go to this section you’ll also find a page especially for groups, festival and conference promoters, and even individuals who would like me to come out and give one or more lectures or workshops. It includes a brief description of the current workshops/lectures I’m offering along with basic information on what is needed to bring me out. Contact me for further information.

comes information about my most popular published books. Here you’ll find separate sections for Modern Magick (3rd Edition), The Magical Life of Scott Cunningham, Modern Magick (2nd Edition), The Resurrection Murders, Modern Sex Magick and Tarot & far!

is my blog. It’s a direct link to my Llewellyn Magick Blog. They generally appear on Mondays and Fridays.

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I’m certified as a clinical hypnotherapist and certified to teach clinical hypnotherapy. Find out more through this LINK.

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