Donald Michael Kraig

Donald Michael Kraig (1951-2014) graduated from UCLA with a degree in philosophy. He studied public speaking and music (traditional and experimental) on the university level. He received a fellowship to the University of Southern California where he received a certificate in multimedia, 3D graphics, computer animation, and web design, eventually going on to help teach those classes there. As a musician, he performed before tens of thousands of people, including opening for acts ranging from Elton John to Great White.

After a decade of personal study and practice, Don began ten years of teaching courses in the Southern California area. He became a certified Tarot Grandmaster, was a member of many spiritual and magickal groups, and was initiated into several Tantric traditions. He held numerous advanced certificates in clinical hypnotherapy, including teaching credentials, and was a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). While living in Minnesota he was the Editor-in-Chief of Llewellyn’s New Times magazine and FATE magazine, as well as producing and starring on “The FATE Magazine Radio Hour.” Don lectured all over the U.S. at virtually all of the major festivals and conventions (and many smaller ones) as well as at universities. He also lectured in Europe. He specialized on topics including Kabalah, Tarot, Magick, Tantra, Hypnosis, Past Lives, The Chakras, The Sri Yantra, Evocation of Spirits, and Sex Magick.

His books include Modern Sex Magick and Tarot & Magic. His Modern Magick, the most popular step-by-step set of instructions in real magick ever published, has sold over 150,000 copies worldwide. A vastly expanded and revised third edition of Modern Magick is now available. (A very few copies of the second edition of Modern Magick, now a collector’s item, are available.) His fantastic mystery, an exciting, magick-oriented first novel called The Resurrection Murders, is currently thrilling readers. He also contributed to several books including Ecstasy Through Tantra, Planetary Magick, The Rabbi’s Tarot, several volumes of The Golden Dawn Journal seriesand The Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy. Besides his books and contributions to websites, magazines, as well as appearances on TV, radio shows, podcasts, vodcasts and now webinars, Don was the editor of Llewellyn’s free, on-line encyclopedia, had a magick-oriented blog, and was an acquisitions editor for magic(k) and other occult topics.

In his legacy, Modern Tantra was published a few months after his death in March 2014. Like all of his books, they are available at small and big bookstores as well as online.

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