Why a New Edition of Modern Magick?

The purpose of Modern Magick has always been to ground people in magick so they could work with any system from a modern perspective. For this purpose it is still valid. Quite frankly, I don’t know of anything better.

Modern Magick has introduced and trained over 150,000 people in:

  • Kabalah and kabalistic magick
  • ceremonial magick
  • divination
  • astral projection
  • talismanic magick
  • natural magick
  • evocation
  • sex magick
  • Tantra
  • Pathworking on the Tree of Life
  • Psychic self-defense
  • True meditation
  • Visualization techniques
  • Inner and Outer alchemy
  • Making and consecrating magickal tools
…and numerous other techniques, methodologies and concepts.

But the thing is, much has changed in the world since Modern Magick was originally published in 1988, itself after more than a decade of my study, practice, and teaching.

—If you were born after Modern Magick was originally published—
  • You’ve always used computers
  • You probably never played a 45 or 33 rpm record
  • The war in Vietnam was something you read about in history books, not something you saw every day in the news
  • Richard Nixon was a minor president you studied for a day or two in school
  • The Beatles was just the name of the band Paul McCartney was in before Wings
  • The USSR was gone and not a nuclear powerhouse to be feared
  • The Berlin Wall was gone and not an icon of terror and repression
  • Everything has always had barcodes on it
  • You’ve always been told to worry about AIDS

In the world of magick, however, very little has changed. A few supposedly new paradigms of magick have appeared, but most have vanished. They were someone’s personal interpretations of magick, not really anything new.

Over the years Modern Magick has held up extremely well.
It’s just, well, it’s just
not that modern any more!

I had been thinking about updating it for some time. With the encouragement of Llewellyn, I took all of my notes and ideas and spent over a year working on a new, completely revised and greatly expanded version of what has been the most popular step-by-step set of instructions on high magick ever published. So what’s in it?

• Text is completely re-written
• Over
40% NEW material, including:

  • New insights
  • New stories
  • Better explanations of rituals,
  • An entirely new full chapter on new magickal techniques: NLP, Chaos magick, and Postmodern magick
• Contents pages have more information making it easier to access the book
• Now divided into two sections, “Outer Order” and “Inner Order”
• Presented in the way it should be: a course of lessons, not a book with chapters
• Index is more concise and accurate, making it easier to use
• Bibliographies (in chapters and at end) focus on current, in-print titles
• Popular self-tests with each lesson have been expanded
• New, expanded glossary
• A new introduction (of course)
FOUR new forewords, one each by:
  • John Michael Greer
  • Lon Milo DuQuette
  • David Godwin, and
  • Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero
• I’ve suppled the designs for numerous new or updated illustrations
• This content has grown so much that it simply can’t fit in the current 6 X 9 format, so it’s moving to the fantastic 8.5 x 11 format
• I believe that the cover of the original
MM was one of the reasons it has been so successful. The all-new cover takes the original concepts and brings them the more passionate, artistic stylings of the 21st century, adding even more depth and excitement. The art, by itself, could stand as an exciting, breathtaking poster.

Cover for the 3rd edition of Modern Magick, available September 2010

Although other books this size easily cost $40, $50 or more
because of the past success of
Modern Magick,
the price is scheduled to be
just $29.95 ($34.95 Can), an amazing bargain.
* * * * *

On the next page (click on the link above in the left column ) are some of the more than 150 illustrations and photos I provided to be used as a basis in the book. I would like to thank my wonderful models—Shama, High Priestess, Oxannamoon, and Holly S. Allender—for their invaluable assistance. My original art is actually high resolution for printing. The images here are low resolution for the internet. Click on any of the thumbnail images to see them in a large size along with some brief information about the image.